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Discover the LIGHTEST and MOST SECURE fully equipped BIKE in the world.
Made in our own factory in Sweden.

Coming soon...



AXA Victory Frame Lock.
OneSafe Security Nuts.
Battery-free Dynamo Lamps
Front Stainless Basket.
Rear Aluminum Carrier.
Leather Frame Protector.
Stainless Fenders.

And much more. Pease see specifications below.


● 7-Speed Shimano Nexus internal geared Hub.
● Lightweight, Aluminum frame.
● Strong, roller brake
● Strongest aluminum wheels on the market, can take 140 kg
● Fully equipped with the smartest locking solutions.
● OneSafe safety nuts.
● AXA's flagship frame lock,
with plug in function and 10 year warranty.
● Battery-free lights.
- Both the front and rear light drives through the hub generator.
- Safe Stop on both front and rear light (this means that the lights charge and continue to light for 1-2 minutes even when you stopp biking, it's an extra safety
● Powerful headlight, 40 lux
● Nothing rusts
- Everything is either stainless, aluminum, or rust-treated.
● Bell in real brass with a characteristic sound.
● French stainless steel, extra long and aesthetically shaped fenders
● Tires with reflex and puncture protection
● No visible electrical cables
● Saddle and grips in artificial leather, made in Italy.
● Front basket in stainless steel
● Rear carrier in aluminum.
● Steady kickstand in aluminum. ● Everything you see in the pictures are included.

A bike that is fully equipped for real.

If you need any customisation, please drop us an email and we will be more than happy to make it for you.
Even Custom color is possible.


The green, white and blue bikes fits people between 165 to 195 cm.

The Pink bike, fits people betwen 150 - 180 cm.

(If non of them fits you, please contact us and we will customize a bike specially fit for you)

What's included?

As we have mentioned before, we sell only fully equipped bikes.
And the standar GOLDEN PACKAGE that comes with all our bikes includes:

AXA's flagship frame lock

Safety description

● Safety level 14 out of 15.
● Approved for bicycle insurance in FIN/DK/SE
● Maximum security with plug in option

The frame lock is completely welded all around which makes the Victory extra strong. Breaking it open is almost impossible due to the extremely durable seamless, welded connection.

With plug in function

The AXA Victory ring lock is a premium product within the AXA range and has the option to link a plug in chain to the lock so you can lock your bike to a fixed object.

(The chain is not included,
You can choose it as an addition)


Of course our own developped Security Wheel Nuts are includeed from the start with all BALANS bike

What is OneSafe?
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All our bikes are eqipped with dynamo driven head and tail lights.

  • Powerful Dynamo Hub

    Both the head and tail lights are driven by the Dynamo Hub.
    - No noticable added load on the driver.
    - No sound.

    - And of course no batteries needed.

  • 40 LUX Headlight

    Our strong Headlight has an amazing visibility distance from both front and lateral sides.

    High-power REBEL©LED and features the unique Reverse Beam Technology©. This results in an impressive 40 Lux light output in a bright, but non-blinding, light beam.

  • Rear Light with Safe Stop

    The cable is hidden and routed inside the tubes of the bike, protected and cleaner look.
    Safe Stop function means that the light keeps illuminating even at stop. It's an extra safety feature.

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What You See, Is What You Get

Everything you see on the product photoes is included.
You are ready to use your bikes from the start.
Is there something extra that you want to add?
Just let us know and we will fix it for you.
That's the benefit of buying directly from a factory.