We have a different understanding of what design is. A well designed product should free one more, liberate one more, give the owner fewer problems, fewer unpleasant surprises, bills and things to worry about. Minimize the bad stuff, and maximize the good. Sustainable, capable of being maintained at the lowest levels.

Great design should benefit you from all angles. What a wonderful thing it would be if it even gave us a higher spirit and a better physical body – by constantly inspiring joy and happiness when used, and as a result generating gratitude and a stronger positive attitude.

This can only be achieved when the product is designed from the ground up. We produce our bikes not only with the highest standards in our own factory, but also with our hearts. When you put your heart in it, it determines its composition and path and its shape and feeling. Just like one of the greatest artists of all time put it:

"With any type of creation you create what's inside of you" ~ Michael Jackson





A great design is NOT complete if it doesn't ensure the safety and longevity of the product.

It means we are not only standing for the level of quality of the product. We also want to ensure as much as possible that the dear customer will not have any problem in the complete user experience and a big part of it is to keep it safe. 

Because the last thing we want is for the bike to get stolen. Becoming a victim of theft is not fun at all.

Therefore we think it's our responsibility to provide a fully equipped and secure bike. Our vision and goal is to offer the market the most theft-resistant bikes in the world. Without compromise with weight, design and its wonderful simple aesthetics.

It's a great challenge. But with your help and support, we think we can do it.

We are determined to contribute the best solutions to today’s worldwide problem of bike thefts. And we will show the way, lead the industry by example, and prove that it's profitable to prioritize the care and concern for our fellow human beings.

It must be put first on the list and it's first on our list. 


Thank you for visiting us.


Kareem and the BALANS team


"Moving forward with our Vision, is our only way to keep our Balance"





Dream Build | Zero to Hero

  • It all started with the wheel.

    In Malmö, Sweden, since 1995...

  • Years of repairs and testing.

    Multiple real life and lab tests.

  • Strongest, Patented Rims.

    From the Netherlands.

  • Finest Stainless Steel Spokes.

    From Belgium.

  • Combining the finest materials with the hard earned skills.

  • We even made our own tools.

    Can't reveal too much here...

  • No. 1. In Strength & Security.

    Our wheels are tested for 140 kg.
    Our competitors test for only 90 kg.

  • Offering you hand build wheels that truly "Stands" the lifetime of your bike.

    Happy Wheels.

    Happy Bike.

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